“The DAP Strategy is your ultimate playbook for success in a digital transformation program.”

–Sameer Patel, Group CMO at SAP Customer Experience 

“There are so many things that we can take from this book and immediately put into action…The DAP Strategy brings about a new mindset which needs to be entwined into the culture of the new digital transformation organization. Thank you Raj Sundarason for writing this book and providing such great stories and a path forward.”

–Greisy Flores, Sr. DAP Product Manager, Nestle IT

“An inside edge to what matters when it comes to the power of humans and technology and how to unleash it.”

–Marc Havercroft, Global Chief Customer Officer – SAP Cloud Business Group| SAP SuccessFactors

“The ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of digital transformation are powerless without the ‘how’. Digital Adoption Platforms drive the ‘how’ and unlock the true potential of digital transformation to change the way we live our lives. Make butterflies out of caterpillars and superheroes out of babies in this thought-provoking, intriguing, and thoroughly timely book.”

–Professor Ian Harper, Dean & Director, Melbourne Business School, Australia

It’s truly a well-told narrative of what digital transformation is all about and how the right tech used in the right way can radically transform things for the better.

–Christopher Lind Founder Learning Sharks & CLO ChenMed

“Our ability to understand ‘the heart’ on the other side of the screen – from a student, a citizen, a supplier, a mother, a grandfather, a child, and many others – is going to fuel the need to adopt digital platforms and make it the elastic part our lives. I absolutely love how the author ponders on digital transformation and using adoption as a success metric – solid as a rock. A pre-requisite for anyone on a digital transformation journey.”

–Alex Andrenacci, Partner EY

“The data doesn’t lie, the overwhelming majority of companies do not succeed in digital transformation. Raj Sundarason is one of the people I trust most in this subject and has deep knowledge across all things digital adoption.”

–Greg Woulfe, Global Learning Manager

“The DAP Strategy is a must read for all CxO’s who are about to, are in the middle of, or are at the end of a transformation journey. This book reveals the secret of ‘how’ to ensure the success of any transformation initiative.”

–Mike Ellis, President President, HCM APAC at Rizing HCM

“Struggling to unlock the power of your organization to use technology to become more efficient and profitable? Then…you are not using the power of DAP. Read The Dap Strategy and unlock your power and become a HERO.”

–Yorck Reuber Chief Information Technology Officer, Allianz

“This book is brutally honest without being in your face, and simple to understand without being simplistic. The author presents the opportunities that such transformation presents without being cavalier about the challenges, nor does he sugarcoat the obstacles that lie in the way of digital transformation. Is this the final word on this topic? Certainly not. But it is a very good starting point indeed.”

– Dr Adrian W J Kuah, Director of the Futures Office, National University of Singapore

“A well-thought-out perspective that helps the reader understand the challenges and the opportunities that we face (both professionally and personally). If you are in any way connected to a digital program, The DAP Strategy is a must-read book as he lays out some tools you will need to consider as you approach your Digital Transformation.”

–Franck Neron-Bancel Chief Strategy Officer and Board member PayGroup Ltd